A High Potential Growth Sector

Potash Mining has proven potential in the Holbrook Basin and promises to be a source of sustainable, long-term economic growth and jobs in the Real AZ Corridor. Potash Mining is expected to produce up to 2.5 billion tons of potash, be productive for more than three generations and create full-time jobs that pay an average of $70,000 per year.

Multiple Mining Projects Now in Development

The potential for significant, long-term mining in the Real AZ Corridor has been demonstrated through drilling, resource reports and preliminary economic assessments. Two global mining companies have begun major capital investment programs. A third privately held company is also at work in the region. Together, they control more than 225,000 acres of prime, potash-rich land. Their combined efforts are expected to produce 500 to 800 short-term construction jobs and up to 2,500 full-time permanent production jobs over the next four to six years.

Region-Wide Opportunity

The development of Potash Mining in the Real AZ Corridor will bring new capital investment to the region, attract supporting businesses and result in significant payroll growth, incremental wage growth, facility construction, new business development and expansion by existing businesses that benefit from the growing regional economy.

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